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Safe Holiday Food Gifts & Preparation

Modifying Favorite Recipes

During this holiday season, you may be looking for ways to reduce the fat, sugar, and salt in your favorite family recipes. Finding ways to cut back on extra calories and fat can be difficult. With food preparation tips from Colorado State University Extension, you can find healthy modifications to recipes while preserving taste and quality. For information on recipe modifications, view Updating Food Preparation to Promote Health.

Preparing Gluten-Free Meals

As awareness of gluten intolerance increases, holiday meal preparation can be a particular challenge. Fortunately, many modifications can be made to holiday meals with a little planning. The following CSU Extension fact sheets offer several food preparation tips which can be especially useful for food preparers and others who would like to learn more about cooking gluten free: Gluten-Free Diet Guide for People with Newly Diagnosed Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Baking.

Holiday Food Gifts

Giving baskets of home-made food, such as vinegars and jellies is popular. For easy and safe food preparation tips, view Making Jellies.

Avoid Foods Containing Raw Eggs

Bacterial of food-borne illness, especially Salmonella is a real risk when eating foods containing raw eggs. This includes common foods served during the holidays such as homemade egg nog and ice cream, and Hollandaise sauce. Store bought, pasteurized foods are the safest bet. For more information, see Bacterial Food-Borne Illness.

Safe Turkey Preparation & Cooking

Preparing the holiday turkey safely starts at the time of purchase. For detailed information on thawing, roasting and the safe handling and storing of left-overs, view Let’s Talk Turkey & Other Holiday Food Safety Issues.

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Updated Saturday, September 25, 2010