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Denver 4-H Youth Development
Denver 4-H Projects

Child Development
Youth learn about the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of children and why each is important.

Designed for youth who are just beginning to learn about computers to those who are technology knowledgeable.

Consumer Savvy
Youth are trained to become sound consumer advocates and to make wise consumer decisions.

Young people learn important general electrical concepts and develop life skills in the process.

Designed to help youth learn more about insects such as insect identification, creating an insect collection, and the study of entomology (insects).

Financial Champions
Youth learn how to determine the difference between needs and wants, identify money personalities and values, determine ways to use and save money.

"Junior foresters" learn about forest ecology and people’s reliance on forest products.

A fun and rewarding project where youth “reap” the benefits of their hard work.

The three youth levels and helper’s guide are valuable resources to anyone interested in geospatial technology, geographic education, GIS or GPS.

Home Environment (Interior Design)
Designed to help youth apply the principles of design to create more comfortable, convenient, attractive, safe, and livable homes.

Youth learn the principles of nutrition as they relate to personal appearance, physical fitness and health, and the planning, purchasing, preparing and serving of nutritious, appealing and satisfying meals and snacks.

Youth gain skills in rocket science such as features of a model rocket, determining altitude flight and building a model rocket.

Vet Science
Animals lovers learn about pets and how to care for them.

Visual Arts
Designed for youth who love art. Youth explore art techniques, art history and culture, the science behind the art, and artistic challenges.

Weeds are one of the most important environmental problems in Colorado. This project trains youth to identify weeds in their environment and how to treat them.

Youth learn about Colorado’s wildlife, including wildlife habitat in the urban environment. The program teaches about wildlife behavior, habitat requirements, how wildlife species fit into nature’s scheme, how they are managed, and how they relate to humans.

Designed to turn youth into scientists. This curriculum includes DVD’s that feature diverse female scientists demonstrating what they do.

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For more information contact Ashlee Adams at 720-913-5209 or Ken Grimes at 720-913-5267

Denver 4-H Youth Development

Updated Saturday, September 25, 2010